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      1. Welcome to Huludao Hongfeng carbon products Co., Ltd. official website!  [Chinese]


        ABOUT US


        Huludao Hongfeng Carbon Products Co.,Ltd,founded in April 2004,is located in Huludao city,Liaoning province,a beautiful coastal city,professionally engage in re...

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        The company specializes in producing ordinary power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode, high density graphite electrode and ultra high power graphite electrode.

        • Normal power graphite electrode
        • High power graphite electrode
        • NIPPLE
        • Ultra high power graphite electrode
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        • 炭素行業未來2年~3年將殘酷洗牌,但前景...   “從今年1月~9月份的結構比例分析,超高功率石墨電極比例明顯增加,出口量也同比增長25%,這是炭素行業在結構調整方面的亮點。同時,未來2年~3年內,炭素行業...

        CONTACT US

        Huludao HongFeng Carbon Products Co.,Ltd  ADD:Gaojiatun Village,Shaguotun Township,Nanpiao District,Huludao City,China  ZIP CODE:121000  TEL:18642640517  

        Linghai HongFeng Carbon Products Co.,Ltd  ADD:In the yard of Linghai C uiyan Cotton and Gunny Company  

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